Rustomjee Travels Bus Fees IGCSE School (Thane)

Rustomjee Group of Schools proudly supports Government of India's "Go cashless" drive.

We are glad to announce that the School will now facilitate Online-Fee Payment from the Academic Year 2018-2019.

Parents, please note that the school fees will only be accepted via this platform of Airpay.

The school will bear the netbanking service charges for the Online Fee payment option, and so parents don't have to pay any service fee for the same.

Parents need to have netbanking facility with their bank.

Please follow the instructions below to pay your fees only

Your child’s Reference Number.


Bus Service Rules:

  • School bus transportation is facility offered is a service and not a right.
  • Students who wish to avail the bus facility have to pay the bus fees before 15th June,2018.
  • Seats will be allotted on a first come and first serve basis.
  • School Bus will run only to the stops of the locality fixed by the authorities and not to individual houses / lane. No discussion / negotiation of change in stops will be entertained.
  • School bus is only for plying school students and not parents etc.
  • Disciplinary issues will be seriously dealt with. Any kind of rude or violent or disruptive behaviour by the student or parent may lead to suspension of bus service for a stipulated period of time, ranging from 2 days to the entire year.
  • For bus transport issue/ queries, please contact the Bus transport service provider and not the School Authority.
  • Bus Service will not be available for areas where the number of Children is less than 10.
  • Discontinuation of bus service IN BETWEEN THE YEAR will not be permitted except in the case of:
  • i) Cancellation of Admission ii) Change of Residence. Bus Cancellation form is available in School Diary, and has to be submitted to School Office and not to Bus Drivers/Conductors. Please submit cancellation at the start of term only.
  • Other terms and conditions and Bus Rules will be available in the New School Diary.